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About the Founders

Rev. Vince and Min. Joy are college sweethearts and have been married for twenty-nine years. They have raised four dynamic adult children. Their priority in life is to individually please God first, then as a couple seeking to please each other. 

They have not only celebrated the successes during their union but have survived the failures that have presented great challenges in their marriage. Their ability to stand on a fully developed foundation through it all has manifested in them the desire to help others do the same. This power couple’s unique ability to bring new vision and perspective into other individual’s lives has led them to become a well desired couple that others seek to work with, sit under, and bring in as lead facilitators as well as speakers at various events.


Rev. Vince and Min. Joy equip and empower couples to become the solid model that God intended for their marriage. They produce powerful couples by helping them to reach their ultimate desired goals in their marriage as well as individually. They understand what it is like to feel wounded by your spouse and even sometimes wounded by God. Developing this understanding has allowed Rev. Vince and Min. Joy to help other couples form as a team in their marriages by understanding what position in life as a spouse they must play.  

Vincent C. Briscoe

Reverend Vincent C. Briscoe is the visionary and founder of the Online Worship Community.  He has been in ministry preaching, teaching, and serving the community for twenty-five years. Rev. Vince’s passion in ministry is to see those exposed to his ministry become powerful advocates for Jesus Christ.  Rev. Vince has co-founded two ministries in his years of service: Gideon’s Army at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden and the Blaze Youth and Young Adult ministry at Forest Park Community Church in Baltimore, MD.  He is an effective communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a dedicated husband to his college sweetheart, Minister Joy M. Briscoe of twenty-nine years, and father of four adult children.  


Rev. Vince’s ministry has taken him up and down the east coast of the United States. He has ministered in prisons, halfway houses, churches, conferences, on various streets throughout his community, and now online. These vast experiences in ministry make Rev. Vince a well-rounded leader and mentor to others desiring to pursue their calling to ministry. Rev. Briscoe is equipped and ready to lead during this challenging and unprecedented season in our history; he looks forward to serving the Online Worship Community in its diversity along with the many gifts that God will send.

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Joy Briscoe

Minister Joy is passionate about helping others find their purpose in life. She is dedicated to helping people discover their strengths that empower them to walk in their purpose. Min. Joy’s compassion has led her to working with wives, moms, and various people who are impacted with life challenges and altering circumstances.  After being told to get a walker and beside commode and to expect her life’s movement and involvement to get worse, she has become a champion in other people’s lives. She empowers them to be able to create the life and joy God designed for them to have. Her call to ministry was affirmed in 2002 when she was licensed at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden under the leadership of Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. 

Our Co-founder is a gifted speaker and teacher. Her gift has opened doors for her to appear as a special guest at numerous events, hold the role as a facilitator for workshops, and to speak at women’s retreats, conferences, as well as Sunday morning worship services.  Alongside her husband, she ministers to marriages at couples’ retreats, special occasions, and events catered specifically to couples that want to enhance their marriage relationship.


Facing and overcoming a multiplicity of events in her life; she is passionate about making sure no one feels alone in life.  She has authored the book Embrace Grace: Helping You Navigate Through Your Pain and Suffering. Min. Joy is the CEO of JoyNspiresU Inspiration Co. where she provides hope and inspires others to live their best life in the midst of their greatest challenges.  


She has been married for twenty-nine years to her college love, Reverend Vincent C. Briscoe.  From their union, she is the mother of four amazing adult children and mother- in- love to an amazing son.

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