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Defeat Daddy disappointment seminar is back! Join us as we provide the tools to unlock healing & health in your family relationships. Sign up now for the early bird rate & begin your journey to true healing!



Min. Joy Briscoe; Co-Founder OWC & Founder JoyNspiresU SM

Rev. Vincent C. Briscoe; Founder OWC

Bishop Dorian Morgan; Senoir Pastor of Restoration Station



Date: August 26th, 2023

Location: Restoration Sation, 4313 130 S Park Plaza, Suite A-6, Edge Water Park, NJ (You can also toon in online! Viewing link will be sent out) 

Time: 9am 


Disclaimer: Remember, this is not intended to replace any professional, medical, therapeutic, psychological or spiritual care, counseling, and/or analysis and advice. The information shared during Defeat Daddy Disappointment is not intended for the diagnosis of any problem such as but not limited to mental or physical problems. Under no circumstances should any medication or therapy be discontinued or modified without talking to and obtaining approval from your healthcare professional. Each Participant is fully responsible for their well-being including their choices and decisions. If you believe life is severely challenging and/or you are being abused in any form, please seek professional medical help immediately. If ever you believe you are being abused in any form, please seek help from those professionals deemed to give you the shelter, protection, and care you need.

Defeat Daddy Disappointment Seminar

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