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Restoration Through The Word Of God

Our Mission is to provide Restoration through the Word of God, Reconciling Relationships and Reviving the Soul.

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We are so excited that you are visiting our site to learn more about us!  Our focus is to provide green pastures for those who have been hurt or turned off by their local church.  We seek to provide a peaceful and loving environment for you to cultivate your Christian faith and to grow closer to Almighty God.  We are delighted to serve you in any way that we can.

Do You Know What Season You Are In?

This message is an appropriate message to help you understand where you are in your life's journey. This message will challenge you to examine and discover what God is doing with you during this time in your life.

Recent Services

Embrace Grace

By: Joy Briscoe

This book will empower you to:​

  • No longer allow life interruptions to keep you from moving forward in the life you were created to have​

  • Use your life interruptions as something that propels you into the life you were created to live​

  • Overcome health diagnoses, family challenges, childhood trauma, marriage & relationship conflicts​

  • Regain focus and find the right path for your life​

  • Create the life you've always wanted

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